Capricornia Potters Group

We are a diverse bunch who like to get our hands dirty, challenge our creative minds but most importantly, have fun and enjoy each other’s company. We believe everyone, regardless of how long they have been playing with clay, has something to offer and inspire others.

We warmly welcome new members and encourage visitors to discover our club and experience our clubroom, with its gallery, shop, workshop and socialising spaces.

Come along and join us, on the top level of the Walter Reid Cultural Centre in Rockhampton. We can promise the best river views in the place!

Our room is regularly open:
Saturday 10am to 12noon
Wednesday 10am to 12noon
and whenever classes are on or members are potting about.

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The Capricornia Potter’s Group formed in early 1974. The club was formed for local potters and ceramists to have a facility to get together for exhibitions, workshops, experience sharing and access to communal equipment, such as kilns.

The club spent a few years moving around several locations in Rockhampton, before securing a place in the Walter Reid Cultural Centre. The centre, which opened its doors to its present use on 20 August 1977, houses a fantastic conglomerate of artistic and cultural groups. To quote an article prepared for the 25th anniversary of the Walter Reid building being used as an arts and cultural centre, the club rooms have “rough hewn posts and beams and souring ceilings” and “have a sense of space and history with a great deal of Character”. The original mission of the centre, which the Capricornia Potter’s Group are still mindful of, was to promote craft “through education and professionalism”.

In 1974-5, The Capricornia Potter’s Group introduced flea markets to Rockhampton, giving local artists a fun and community-based outlet for their work. While the club has moved on from organising flea markets, we now have a gallery and shop within the club room and members regularly display and sell their wares in the pop-up Reid Shop on the ground floor of the Walter Reid Cultural Centre, in the “For Lease” space in the East Street Mall and privately at various stores and markets around town or online. Some members also do commissioned work.

The Capricornia Potter’s Group now has a thriving membership and bimonthly administrative meetings on a Saturday. Members also enjoy regular clay working meetings, play days for experimenting with new equipment or techniques and outdoor social firing events. The experience of our members ranges from beginner to instructor and includes hand-building, wheel throwing, moulding, underglaze decorating, texture decorating and dip/pour glazing.